'Live a dream in the heart of an ancient story and be inspired by the soul of this destination"

Why are we here?

  • Bringing humanity back to travel and bringing a new vision to hospitality in Antalya with differentiated, authentic, individual service.
  • Build stronger bonds with guests, create relationships and awareness.
  • Make our guests feel like they are visiting acquaintances rather than checking into an anonymous chain hotel.
  • Add value to the image of Antalya hotels by reflecting the local culture of the area and providing a unique experience with personalized attention in a climate of harmony, tranquility, and warmth. 
  • Simplifying travel, serve the guests who avoid mainstream travel experiences and connect with them throughout the journey, from information-seeking to after check-out
We are the believers of lean luxury, not white glove-style service, and more about a
memorable, authentic experience.

What we desire?

  • Make our guests feel the local touch and thoughtfulness in every aspect of the stay and make their vacation easier and smoother as possible.
  • Be the choice of guests who desire to discover the earth and especially themselves by engaging experiences in their vacation.
  • Being a chic and ethnic hotspot for accommodation and events.
  • Be a local expert guide to our guests to explore the amazing city.
  • Become a reliable source for local trips & provide authentic local experiences that can’t be found in the travel guides.
  • Dissociate ourselves from the cookie-cutter hotels, in which guests are just a number, by being attentive and establishing relations with our guests.
  • With personalized service and exceptional design focus reaching the people who look for off-grid experiences and create sustainable and trendy images.

who are we?

The building of Casa Sur Antalya is an old stone Ottoman stone mansion, built in 1850’s. It was a house of a family, afterwards they left the house and for many years a talented artist was living here.
We obtained in 2015, the house and the garden were abandoned and in poor conditions, you will see before & after photos on the following pages. The permissions for renovation and the restoration took 4 years. After much hard
work, time, care, and attention in 2019 we finally, happily started to receive our guests.
The magnitude of our love towards Old Town, the value we give to history, and the deep culture of Turkey brought us the idea to create Casa Sur Antalya.
By putting out our soul & vision, contemplating each detail, we transformed this kennel garden and derelict house to this lush garden and retro-modern boutique hotel now.
Our aim was to create a high line boutique hotel with a rich legacy in Kaleiçi, design it with local and natural flair by merging past and present, combining the cultural values of East and West, and blending historic details with chic elegance.

While honoring Turkish culture and hospitality, our desire is to share the beauty of Antalya, to satisfy our guests by providing an unpretentious natural setting, take care of them individually and add some warmth to our guest’s precious holidays.

We believe a boutique hotels should have a soul, and that soul is communicated to the guests
in everything we do.

What we do?

  • We reflect the unique community and culture of the area, bringing in the
    elements of our neighborhood.
  • We put our soul & character with the personal touches and attention to detail.
  • We make our guests feel the cheer, generosity, while honoring Turkish hospitality.
  • We offer enhanced experiences that are unique, through the atmosphere, aesthetics and service that is missing in larger hotel chains.
  • We make our guest experience the place & vibe not just the amenities.
  • With a passion for purity, we honor the individuality and heritage of the hotel.
  • Anticipate the guests needs and try to make our guest’s stay special & memorable.
  • We provide tailored service, we are responsive, we do our best to optimize our
    guests experience and ensuring guest expectations are met.
We are happy to welcome you, with the certainty that you will be delighted, with remarkable Turkish hospitality and will create unique memories.

What we believe?

  • We believe travel should be personal and authentic and encourage interaction with the local environment and people.
  • We prize character and personality above sheer ostentatious luxury.
  • We value experiential tourism and set ourselves apart from others in the industry.
  • Our values are not in line with mass tourism anad predetermined packages.
  • We believe being ethical means more than being environmental, it means positively and creatively contributing to the community.
  • Hospitality and familial relations are one of the cornerstones of Turksih lifestyle,
    we’ll protect and sustain this cultural value as legacy.