• Casa Sur surprises its guests with its coziness and aesthetic quality. We believe our surroundings attract guests, like you, who appreciate such refined environments.

  • We took care of each detail by putting our soul with the personal touches that have
    made each corner something special.
  • Many objects have been collected from several countries and serve your visual taste.
  • Every corner offers a harmonious blend of rustic details and modern amenities for an
    intimate stay that encourages comfort.
  • The eclectic décor, natural light, and splendid garden create a warm and intimate
  • We are trying to perfectly combine traditional style with comfort while welcoming cultural elements of the neighborhood that surrounds us.
  • Soft and earthy colors are joined in a warm style. You may smell the cedar wood in your
    rooms and take the smell with you.
  • Tasteful, bespoke furniture and unique details add to Casa Sur Antalya’s casual elegance.
  • Much of the furniture is made of a local wood that’s suitable for Antalya’s hot, humid climate.



Rooms designed with distinct themes that give you the feeling of you are staying in a different place each time you visit us.

Antalya old town hotel
Boutique Hotel Antalya
Antalya old town hotel

The rooms boast an elegant mix of modern and vintage, encouraging creativity.
The functionality and design of the room honours the past whilst embracing the best of modernity. The fusion of tradition and innovation.
Only six rooms, sharing the same architectural philosophy, but with a different decorative concept and distinctive characteristics. For all of our rooms attention to detail is a trademark.
Each room constitutes a space that tells its own story ; combines contemporary, earhty colors and design with antique elements and one-of-akind objects. Great deal of effort has gone into ensuring the rooms have a cozy, yet quirky, feel.
We highly recommend experiencing different rooms in your stay to make it even more unforgettable.
Meet the historic atmosphere with modern designed rooms with the combination of authenticity.


Mixture of traditional ottoman architecture and “bohemian luxury”



Welcome to “Garden Rooms,” our newest addition to the hotel.


Eight thoughtfully designed rooms await your arrival, each carefully embodying the profound philosophy of “Casa Sur” where we seamlessly blend history and modern comfort to create a place for further experience.

We’ve adopted a more minimalistic approach to create a harmonious balance between unique identity and simplicity.Paying homage to its past by embracing historical appearance and adding a modern touch.

This architectural approach allows us to preserve its unique identity while offering the utmost in contemporary amenities.

For those seeking more comfort, we proudly present three opulent suites that boast spacious layouts and feature sumptuous bathrooms designed with indulgence in mind.

Here at “Garden Rooms,” we’ve created an alluring sanctuary where history dances with the present, and modern comforts intertwine harmoniously with timeless vibe.