yoga in casa sur hotel antalya
art in Antalya kaleici

The idea behind Casa Sur is not only fulfilling accommodation needs but also bring people simple pleasures and providing experiences.
We want to create cultural and social value for our guests and visitors with events and social gatherings.
The events reflect the passion and vibe of the local community while connecting travelers with kindred spirits and artistic minds.
We embrace an integrative approach to optimal wellness, including tapping into one’s emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual state and try to bring several events that encourages inspiration. We’d love our guests to meet a new experience, and to connect them with like-minded individuals, ultimately sparking creativity.
The overall concept is not to come back buff from your vacation, but rather to come back with new skills and experiences you can use going forward in your day-to-day life.
We believe new experiences help us to get to know ourselves and the world a bit more. Aspiring to be an inspiration to our guests, to each other, to society at large. Our team members incorporate these concepts into their daily work and relationships.. 

To take part in our events & workshops & exhibits you may either ask our team, check out the black board in our reception, or follow us through Instagram.