Lush garden, that ha s witnessed the hi tory of Antalya, welcome s you on a completely unique journey!

Fruit Trees: Olive, Orange, Mandarin , Bergamot, Kumquat, Lime, Banana
Plants: Basil, Rosemary, Thyme, Lavender, Peas, Beetroot.

Experience the food & drinks prepared with fresh fruits & herbs collected from the garden
Best time to enjoy the garden full of oranges is either November or Decembers, for the
scent of blooming orange flowers, visit us on May

Check out indoor cactus & succulent collection in the lobby & balcony , in vases which we
painted ourselves during quarantine.

garden of Casa Sur Antalya

Savor the natural beauty of everyday life in our oasis-like garden and discover
the natural glamour of Antalya
Simply Be! Get lost in a book, enjoy the soundtrack of birds.