We are warm and welcoming with open arms and open minds, and we care for the people, planet, and society by supporting our local and global
communities through active involvement.
We encourage relationships with suppliers and guests that support sustainability.
We take responsibility for our natural resources.
We believe being immersed in nature makes it easier to want to protect it and ensure its legacy lives on for future generations.
We make our teams’ and guests’ wellness and development our priority.
We are ourselves and proud of being unpretentious, letting our personalities shine. We have a character and will be communicated to the guests on everything we do.
We are environmentally aware, convenience driven, health conscious and seeking variety.

Nature is not a place to visit, it is home

As Casa Sur Antalya for sustainability, we do many practices such as,

  • We prioritize environment in every way
  • Selecting environment friendly chemicals, reducing plastic usage to minimum
  • Care for water consumption, chemical use and waste.
  • All our waste is separated for recycling. We send organic waste oils to licensed firms for recycling.
  • Besides power saving Led lighting and energy saver, we also use springer system for the garden
  • We produce organically-grown fruits, herbs for our restaurant.
  • We repurpose, reuse old furniture, such as our doors.
nature of casa sur hotel