The rooms boast an elegant mix of modern and vintage, encouraging creativity.
Functionality and design of the room honours the past whilst embracing the best of modernity. The fusion of tradition and innovation.
Only six rooms, sharing the same architectural philosophy, but with a different decorative concept and distinctive characteristics. For all of our rooms attention to detail is a trademark.
Each room constitutes a space that tells its own story ; combines contemporary, earhty colors and design with antique elements and one-of-akind objects. Great deal of effort has gone into ensuring the rooms have a cozy, yet quirky, feel.
We highly recommend experiencing different rooms in your stay to make it even more unforgettable.
Meet the historic atmosphere with modern designed rooms with the combination of authenticity.

Mixture of traditional ottoman architecture and “bohemian luxury”

Antalya old town hotel


antalya hotel kaleici


Antalya old town hotel