Sur = Historical Walls in Turkish
Casa Sur = Home in the South in Spanish

  • The inspiration behind the name was the word ‘’SUR’’ means the historical
    ramparts in Turkish, which surrounds our garden with all its magnificence.
    Passing through Casa Sur’s immense garden this ancient wall takes you on a short
    journey between the past and the present.

Here is some information about the walls

  • The city wall that has become the inspiration for the name of Casa Sur Antalya was founded in the time of the Kingdom of Pergamon.
  • The renewal and expansion of the wall that was built as a defensive wall to protect Antalya in the Hellenistic period.
  • The history of their renovation and expansion illustrates the history of the city itself, passing under the dominion of successive empires controlling Anatolia.
  • This wall that has been a symbol of so many empires and has witnessed the history of the city for hundreds of years, has managed to stay with all its simplicity and beauty.
  • The most accurate description of the ramparts of Antalya was given by Karol Lanckoroński. He mentions 54 towers and perfectly preserved sections of the walls surrounding the old town.

"The city outlines a horseshoe shape around the angle of the bay and lies on the ground significantly higher from the coast platform. Its part is closed tightly by the ramparts, with narrow streets and single districts divided by other walls. The only thing that remained in its original place, as far as we know, are the city walls around the city, although often rebuilt and restored over the centuries".