Casa Sur is a unique hotel where history meets authenticity, located in Antalya. With its botanic garden resembling museum next to the ancient wall, Casa Sur offers a magnificent atmosphere to its visitors. Combining history of Antalya with the power of green in its blessing garden, the hotel gives you a chance to pick oranges, mandarins and bananas from trees, Casa Sur is your home in the south to recreate yourself!

The house, where Muhittin Selamet – one of the most important painters of Antalya – lived and which he used as an exhibition area, was restored and transformed into this hotel. That’s why you can feel the spirit of art in every detail of Casa Sur.

With just 6 rooms, warm staff and food & beverage artisans, visitors receive respectfully intimate attention from the first moment they arrive until they wave goodbye. The botanic garden is a hub of the activities such as yoga, meditation and also for your special events.

With its homemade breakfast, special drinks at its terrace bar and the rooms decorated in the eclectic style, you can live a dream in the heart of an ancient story and be inspired by the soul of this destination.

We are here to make you feel at home!

Our Philosophy

We believe that the holiday is related to resting the soul as much as the body, we know that a holistic state of well-being that is created in this way will help you reunite yourself and make your soul feel euphoria. Therefore, although we are at a location in the city center where you can benefit from what Antalya has to offer, we set out with the dream of creating a center of welfare where you can refresh and enjoy the calm in a peaceful environment. So, what do we do for that?

We are inspired by the power of green in our hotel for you to listen and refresh your soul. To make you feel like you are in another world, we make the historical texture in Antalya’s essence accessible to you. We are organizing yoga, spa and meditation activities offering a holiday full of happiness.

We support them with our homemade food and healthy smoothies, and our drinks prepared with fruits collected from our garden.

In the heart of nature and history, we work with all our strength to make you feel like that you regenerate.

We share the richness of this spirit and the unique atmosphere with you through our kitchen, our events, our rooms and every area here. As it is on our name, we are here for you with a service making you feel like you are home. Our greatest excitement is to create a world where you will feel solitude in this location where magic, culture, and nature coexist.


Our Garden

Casa Sur Hotel’s lush garden, where is right behind this unique historical building that has witnessed the history of Antalya, welcomes you on a completely unique journey. The scent of the fragrant orange trees and the mandarins, the smallest of the citrus family, touches you deeply. Orange trees and blossoms, which are the symbol of Antalya and known as the symbol of love, meet with their fruits especially between December and March, and in the end, the garden of Casa Sur turns into a warming atmosphere at these times. Banana trees, which are believed to be the first fruits grown in the world, add a different energy and spirit to the garden. Featuring a natural chemical that makes people happy, these exotic fruit trees fascinate you with their presence.

The City Walls

The city wall that has become inspiration for the name of Casa Sur was founded in the time of the Kingdom of Pergamum. The renewal and expansion of the wall that was built as a defensive wall to protect Antalya in the Hellenistic period, took place under the sovereignty of the empires controlling Asia Minor. This wall that has been a symbol of so many empires and has witnessed the history of the city for hundreds of years, has managed to stay with all its simplicity and beauty. Passing through Casa Sur’s botanical garden this ancient wall takes you on a short journey between the past and the present.


Terrace bar with views of the Hadrian’s Gate, one of the most important points of Kaleiçi which is the touristic center of Antalya, gives an opportunity to experience different tastes from handmade beverages to special cocktails. Casa Sur offers service its guests four seasons with the drinks prepared with fresh fruits collected from its garden.