Seraser Restaurant


Casa Sur’s Tips: It’s considered to be one of the best fine dining restaurants in Old Town, Kaleiçi. They have 3 restaurants next to each other, Il Viccino (Italian), Pio Gastro Bar (Spanish), and Seraser. During summer weekends they do Jazz Nights as well!

Selçuk, Paşa Cami Sk. 14
+90 242 247 60 15
4 min

Parlak Restaurant


Casa Sur’s Tips: Since 1954, Parlak has been an authentic Turkish restaurant with many special dishes, especially it’s famous chargrilled chicken. Recommended for lunch!


Elmalı Mahallesi, Zincirli Han İçi, 1. Sok.
+90 242 241 91 60
6 min

Orhan Ocakbaşı

Casa Sur’s Tips: Don’t forget to experience traditional Turkish ‘Ocakbaşı’ (grill restaurant with a fire pit in the middle) in Orhan Ocakbaşı with its delicious shish kebabs.


Gençlik, 1326. Sk. 56, Muratpaşa

15 min
6 min

Arma Restaurant


Casa Sur’s Tips: You may enjoy the best view in Antalya with the best Mediterranean seafood, fish and delicious Turkish appetizers, “meze” Take a walk in the old town towards the harbour you’ll see there on the top!


Selçuk Mah. İskele Cad. 75 Kaleiçi Yat Limanı
+90 242 244 97 10     
13 min

7 Mehmet Restaurant


Casa Sur’s Tips: If you would like to try traditional Turkish food with the best quality ingredients, this is the place to be. One of the oldest restaurants in Antalya with its rich legacy. Nice view and a beautiful garden.


Meltem Mahallesi, Atatürk Kültür Parkı, 201
+90 242 238 52 00
16 min

Lara Balıkevi


Casa Sur’s Tips: Lara Balıkevi is a contemporary fish restaurant offering a rich seafood selection, attentive service and amazing view. You may have a lovely walk or take the nostalgic tram.


Gençlik, Tevfik Işık Cd. 8
+90 242 313 13 99
20 min 8 min 5 min

Asmani Restaurant


Casa Sur’s Tips: Located on the terrace of Akra Hotel, Asmani Restaurant is the best rooftop in Antalya with its fascinating view.
Enjoy the creative cuisine with its casual-fine dining concept!



Akra Hotel, Şirinyalı, Lara Cd. 24
+90 242 316 20 21
8 min

Kaison Sushi


Casa Sur’s Tips: Kaison Sushi is the best Asian restaurant in Antalya. They offer an unforgettable sushi experience with a wide selection of wines and it’s right next to the sea.



Çağlayan, Lara Cd. 269/1
+90 242 248 84 24
15 min

Sıralı Kebap


Casa Sur’s Tips: If you want to try local quality Turkish Kebap, Sıralı should be your choice with its traditional Anatolian cuisine.
Get ready to be amazed by the fascinating view and exceptional service.



Çağlayan, Eski Lara Caddesi 419
+90 242 323 21 23
17 min

Likya Winery

WhatsApp Image 2021-11-10 at 20.37.28

Casa Sur’s Tips: We are proud to introduce the first winery in the Mediterranean region.

Do not forget to taste their award-winning “Acıkara” wine


Karyağdı Mah Ünal Özgödek Caddesi Elmalı/Antalya
2 hour & 45 min

Şişçi Ramazan


Casa Sur’s Tips: It is a restaurant where you can enjoy well-known “şiş” chargrilled delicious skewers of meat and traditional Antalya style “piyaz” bean dish with tahini, lemon and vinegar.


Kızılsaray mah., Yener Ulusoy Blv. Bilgiç apartmanı
(0242) 242 66 37
15 min

Börekçi Tevfik


Casa Sur’s Tips: 160 years old Turkish pastry shop, Tevfik is the fourth generation. The place is a bit decrepit, but you’ll only notice the taste!. It’s marked as a must-visit spot by Turkish gourmets. Highly recommended.

Just hurry to not miss the last pastry!
They close around 11 am.

Sinan Mah, Peker Cad, 1255 Sok. Ay İşhanı
(0242) 241 58 13
5 min