Antalya is often regarded as Turkey’s “tourism capital” and has always been a center of interest for tourists looking to enjoy pristine Mediterranean beaches as well as the rich history of the region that has been home to countless civilizations. The area of Antalya is stretching from Alanya to Kalkan with its historical ruins, golden beaches, and amazing nature. Here there are some recommendations where you can enjoy, sea, sunshine, and breathtaking nature. Enjoy the ride.

Konyaaltı Beach

  • Casa Sur’s Tips: Konyaaltı Beach is one of the best places to feel the local, chill vibe. It is a public beach with a length of 7 km, you may enjoy the sun and the sea by laying your towel on the beach of pebbles and have a walk with the spectacular mountain view.

Beach Park

  • Casa Sur’s Tips: When you get off at the last stop of the nostalgic tram, Museum Station this perfect view you encounter might take your breath away! Here you may find numbers of private beach clubs, cafes and restaurants. Have a drink and enjoy the precious sea.

Lara Beach

  • Casa Sur’s Tips: If you do not prefer the pebble beach, the sandy Lara beach is definitely for you. Besides being a public beach, there are places where you can rent nice sun bedsand umbrellas for a fee.

Mermerli Beach

  • Casa Sur’s Tips: It’s the closest beach, located in the historical center, right next to the harbor, behind exceptional cliffs. There might be some inconveniences such as the unspaced sunbeds and service quality.

Lanthe Beach

  • Casa Sur’s Tips: In Lanthe Beach, you can enjoy the sun and the unique blue-green view finding peace with the sound of waves hitting the shore.

Lara Port Beach

  • Casa Sur’s Tips: How does it feel to have a waterfall right next to you when entering the sea? It’s a private beach distinguished by it’s quality facilities and great service.  It’s located in Zerdalilik station last stop of Nostalgic Tram Zerdalilik Station.This is by far the most beautiful beach in Antalya City Center.