kaleici gate Antalya

History of Kaleiçi

old town “kaleiçi” Before Antalya became one of Turkey’s top summer resort towns, it was the ancient city of Attalia, founded during the Hellenistic period.Until

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Hadrian gate kaleici antalya

The Ramparts

In Roman times the walls were first renovated and decorated with numerous towers and gates, of which the greatest was the Hadrian’s Gate (130 A.D),

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Kaleiçi, the right place for time travelers. You may feel yourself going to the past but more contemporarily in a different dimension. When you first

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Enjoy the varied tastes

Seraser Restaurant Casa Sur’s Tips: It’s considered to be one of the best fine dining restaurants in Old Town, Kaleiçi. They have 3 restaurants next

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What To Do in Antalya

The Land of Legends Theme Park Casa Sur’s Tips: There are aquaparks and theme parks inside the Land of Legends. Also, there are daily shows

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