Casa Sur’s Tips: Enter this magnificent ancient city by passing through the arch of the Roman Gate to be greeted by an amphitheater, the quite well preserved Hellenistic Gate and more. The entrance fee is around 40-50 Lira.


Casa Sur’s Tips: This well preserved ancient theatre was built around 155 AD and accommodates 12,000 people. Aspendos is probably the most well-preserved antique theater in the region It’s famous for its beautiful acoustic and it is still used as a venue during the summer months for dance shows and many other events.


Casa Sur’s Tips: Imposing monuments of antiquity, such as the Roman bath and the columns of the Apollon temple by the sea, complete the picture of a perfect combination of modern-day vacation pleasure and the treasures of history.


Casa Sur’s Tips: Phaselis was a port city bustling with trade during the Hellenistic period, though most of what remains today are Roman and Byzantine. The ruins are based on two stunning coves so we advise you to take your swimsuit with you, so you can enjoy swimming with the landscape, nature and history.

Olympos & Çıralı

Casa Sur’s Tips: Discover the ruins which are still overgrown and reclaimed by nature. Olympos and Çıralı are unique locations where a creek meets the Mediterranean sea where the valley and the green lay behind you.

Climbing to Chimera is a must to see eternal flame emerging from the mountain.


Casa Sur’s Tips: Do not forget to take your walking shoes with you! Also, you can participate in a boat tour and visit Kekova sunken city, an ancient Lycian city now buried beneath the sea.