Kaleiçi, the right place for time travelers. You may feel yourself going to the past but more contemporarily in a different dimension. When you first enter the Hadrian’s Gate, you feel like an ancient Greek. But when you approach the gate and look at it carefully to its columns and the ancient walls, you will feel the soul of Seljuk’s architecture.

After entering the gate, you will be stunned by the image of old stoned houses, narrow streets, and the warm atmosphere of the locals. While walking on the pebbled streets and discovering newly renovated old houses, you will feel the spirit of living in the Ottoman Empire.

After walking through the path, you will see the bars and pubs with various types of music and styles. You can take a seat and chill for a couple of hours with listening to music and tasting new dishes. You may also check our restaurants and bars recommendations.

Due to the fact that Kaleiçi has housed lots of civilizations, some of the locals maintain the old traditions. That’s why you can see old bazaars to sell the traditional foods, traditional motived rugs, and some souvenirs.

Of course, Kaleiçi has hosted many civilizations by having a harbor with spectacular views. You may take some boat trips for a short time. But if you want to take a longer trip and discover the magnificent waterfalls and natural beauty, you should be ready in the early morning. Then, enjoy the sea, sun, and nature.